Next meeting: Feb 6 on Net Neutrality

Gabriel Menard, PhD Candidate in Sociology, will be presenting his research on the following topic:

The Politics of Network Neutrality Regulation in the United States
Governments around the world are adopting Network Neutrality rules to protect Internet users against potentially anti-competitive practices of telecommunications service providers. But as these protections expand elsewhere, the United States has recently moved to repeal Net Neutrality rules. Why has the U.S. developed such a peculiar policy framework on this issue?
In this presentation, Gabriel Menard discusses preliminary findings from his research into the politics of Network Neutrality regulation in the United States. Building on analysis of Congressional records, regulatory publications, and interviews with policy-makers, he digs into the popular narrative of a regulator ‘captured’ by industry interests, and draws attention to structural features specific to the U.S. polity.

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