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PhotoLast NameFirst NamePositionResearch Interest
Thaine Patricia PhD Candidate in Computer Science Natural Language Processing, Cryptography, Security, Privacy
Menard Gabriel PhD Candidate Internet regulation, net neutrality, telecommunications policy, political sociology
Campbell-Verduyn Malcolm Adjunct (Assistant) Professor Blockchain, Bitcoin, transnational governance, finance, non-state actors
Kunz Michael PhD Candidate
Loleski Steve PhD Candidate Intelligence studies
Cath Corinne PhD Internet Infrastructure, business, and human rights
Nevin Andrew PhD Student, Sociology Cyber deviance, digital inequality, hacktivism, online communities and networks
Wollenberg Samuel Research Manager Censorship, Circumvention Technology, Freedom of Expression, Platform Development for Citizen Participation
Conserva Nicolas Ph.D. Candidate & IRN Treasurer Innovation Policy and Politics, European Studies, Comparative Politics
Maschmeyer Lennart Ph.D. Candidate & IRN President Cybersecurity, Security Studies, Intelligence Studies, International Relations Theory